"La corona ya no está en Tabasco"

("The Crown is not in Tabasco")

José Vázquez (2016). "La corona ya no está en Tabasco". Tabasco Hoy. 7 October.

Title "La corona ya no está en Tabasco"
Title (translated) "The Crown is not in Tabasco"
Publication Date 7th Oct 2016
Source Tabasco Hoy
Country Mexico
Region Americas
Art type Sacred Art
Subject Theft
Comments Speculation that the stolen crown has left the state.
Link http://www.tabascohoy.com/nota/338787/ldquo-la-corona-ya-no-esta-en-tabasco-rdquo
Permalink https://web.archive.org/web/20161008083512/http://www.tabascohoy.com/nota/338787/ldquo-la-corona-ya-no-esta-en-tabasco-rdquo