चोरों का फिर जैन मंदिर पर धावा

(Jain temple raided by thieves again)

Rajasthan Patrika (2015). चोरों का फिर जैन मंदिर पर धावा. Rajasthan Patrika. 8 October.

Title चोरों का फिर जैन मंदिर पर धावा
Title (translated) Jain temple raided by thieves again
Publication Date 8th Oct 2015
Source Rajasthan Patrika
Country India
Region South and East Asia
Art type Sacred Art
Subject Theft
Comments A silver statue of Lord Adinath was stolen from the Jain temple in the Padwa Sagvadha area of Dungarpur, one of several thefts from area temples in the past few days.
Link http://rajasthanpatrika.patrika.com/story/rajasthan/again-theft-in-jain-temple-1363890.html
Permalink http://web.archive.org/web/20151008094258/http://rajasthanpatrika.patrika.com/story/rajasthan/again-theft-in-jain-temple-1363890.html