Stolen Gods is looking for a student volunteer contributor

9th January 2015

Wanted: a bright student with an interest in the theft, trafficking, and protection of cultural objects, particularly sacred art, to help me fill this website with useful information.

For the most part this will mean hunting down academic and media articles about sacred art and putting them up on the site. The commitment is about 2 hours a week, whenever you want to do them. I’ll provide you with all the training and instruction that you need, but it would help if you are a bit web savvy already or totally willing to learn to be. Obsessive attention to detail is a must as is strong written English.

This work is ‘remote’ so you can be anywhere. However, if you are in Scotland let me know as we could up the training that you get.

What you will learn

    • Basics of a CMS (Content Management System); in this case, WordPress
    • Basics of image copyright, Creative Commons licensing, etc.
    • A whole heck of a lot about the theft, destruction, and preservation of religious heritage
    • Basics of doing scholarly journal searches and online news searches for academic purposes
    • Writing academic but approachable blog entries (optional)
    • Some academic-style social media (optional)

Warning: No money

Sorry. Stolen Gods is entirely unfunded and is not associated with Trafficking Culture or the University of Glasgow. It is just me and I’m not paid for it either. This isn’t an unpaid internship from some organisation with the cash to pay. It isn’t even an internship. Rather an opportunity for someone into this stuff to get involved and learn some skills with little in the way of time commitment. You are getting paid what I am getting paid: nothing.

My thinking behind this: I (mostly) work for free: academic reality

What you do get for your work is full credit on the website (we’ll make you a profile for you on the page), guidance and training with the above skills, and (provided you do a snazzy job), a recommendation from me if and when you need it. You also are likely to come across information and cases that might inspire your future study. We’ll come up with something awesome to call you for your CV.

If this, expanded into a larger thing, sounds like something that could be an placement as required by your degree, please mention that. However, again, Stolen Gods is not associated with either the Uni or the research project I work for so you’d probably have to go a long way to convince the powers that be

Expression of interest

Please send an email expression of interest by Jan 17th. In it, please tell me why you are interested in the topic of sacred art theft, why you think volunteering your time for no pay is a good idea (because it really might not be, so tell me why will this will help you get to where you want to go), any languages you can read, and experience you have with WordPress or any other CMS (even if the answer is none).